Stella & Chewy’s

Stella Chewey

This processing plant for high-end organic pet foods is the first piece of an expanding business model and campus.

Stella and Chewy’s is the leader in the freeze-dry pet food niche market and grows at 40% each year. The company’s rapid growth facilitated the organization in selecting LJC and Clayco to build its first new manufacturing and processing plant.

The plant features 30,000 SF of freezer space, 100,000 SF of processing space, cold dock shipping and receiving, and 30,000 SF of office space. The building’s architectural design seeks to emphasize the office area with a minimalist approach to the overall massing of the rest of the building.

Functionality is expressed in the exterior materials with the freezer panels on one end of the building with warmer tones and textures as you move toward the office space.

Stella Chewey
Stella Chewey2


Stella & Chewy’s


Oak Creek, WI


164,000 SF


  • Architecture