Roper St. Francis Data Center

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This data center supports electronic communications for more than 100 Roper St. Francis Healthcare facilities throughout a nine-county area.

The Lamar Johnson Collaborative designed a 17,000-square-foot data center complex for Roper St. Francis Healthcare and the Medical Society of South Carolina on a 24-acre site in North Charleston’s Palmetto Commerce Park.

The data center includes an 11,907-square-foot, tilt-up concrete building and a 5,320-square-foot exterior mechanical and electrical yard. The facility features a 3,869-square-foot data floor, mechanical and electrical rooms, a dock and an office area.

The facility is located in Palmetto Commerce Park because of the utility services available, the accessibility and the inland location. The data is now centralized and with redundant operational capability, there is now an increased margin of safety to protect against information technology process disruptions contributing to the  long term health and viability of the enterprise. The structure has also been designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane (160 MPH winds) and an above-code seismic event.


Roper St. Francis Healthcare


North Charleston, North Carolina


17,000 SF


  • Architecture