Payless Shoesource Eastern Distribution Center

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This project enhanced the owner’s supply chain efficiency and cut labor costs through centralization and automation.

Payless Shoe Source, one of the world’s largest family footwear specialty retailers, teamed with Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Clayco to design and construct their new order, processing, and shipping facility. There are nearly 600,000 square feet of area for automated material handling equipment. The high-tech operation requires the most advanced fire protection, life safety, and lighting integration to provide a processing environment that is safe, clean, and easy to maintain.

The architectural design features an office and amenities space that breaks out of the main box of the warehouse in two angled volumes canted in and out in opposite directions. These masses are clad in sleek, high-tech metal panels. A glassy curtainwall base provides daylight and views to occupants.


Payless Holdings


Brookville, Ohio


601,580 SF


  • Architecture