Northerly Island

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A campus integrated into the landscape provides a model for future waterfront development.

The design team proposed a unique peninsula community of innovation in academia, the arts, and technology for this 91-acre, man-made island. The design of the mixed-use campus builds upon previous well-conceived eco-plans for this unique site, maintaining all the ecological functionality while integrating social and economic attributes to the strong environmental characteristics of the plan.

The plan seeks to improve the quality and performance of park and open space on the lakefront, while creating new employment opportunities in high tech, green next industry jobs. Campus buildings are planned to mimic the performance of the natural environs in which they are set, drawing attention to the connections and closing the loop of business, education and operational needs. Their undulating green roofs are intended to function as vertical parkland, merging with the site to provide contiguous open space and linkages for outdoor recreation and enjoyment.


City of Chicago


Chicago, IL


91 Acres


  • Urban Planning + Design


2014 Merit Award – Planning, Research, and Communications, St. Louis ASLA