Confidential Indoor Grow Facility

LJC and Clayco provided complete integrated design-build and engineering services for this innovative Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) project.

Situated on a 10+ acre site is a 28′ insulated pre-cast concrete panel building. The team carefully curated a painted/stained exterior design that adds visual appeal and complements the surrounding landscape. In addition to the main building, the building includes 12 truck-height docks for efficient logistics and ample surface parking to accommodate up to 100 cars.

Inside the facility, our design incorporates specialized areas explicitly tailored for indoor farming operations. With 15,000 SF dedicated to refrigerated rooms, we have ensured optimal conditions for cold harvest and pre-ship storage. To facilitate the different stages of cultivation, over 70,000 SF of indoor grow areas have been explicitly engineered for materials dry storage, seed lines, germination chamber, nursery, grow lines, harvest, pack, and shipping—all with the precise temperature calibration required throughout the year.

LJC also prioritized the functional aspects of the facility. The design includes a 3,000 SF administrative office space. In consideration of the employees’ well-being, ample breakrooms are included to accommodate up to 100 staff members. To support the cultivation processes, we have allocated a well-ventilated room of 2,000 SF for soil production and a separate 3,000 SF to house irrigation equipment, tanks, and bio-filters. Notably, water used in the growing system is reclaimed on-site through a closed-loop irrigation network.

Our architectural choices consider the stringent regulations and standards governing the food industry. Therefore, the facility features washable smooth concrete floors and wall finishes that meet the requirements set by the USDA/FDA and health departments. As a food-safe environment, we have strategically placed multiple mass hand washing/sanitizing stations with eight-person hands-free sink areas near the employee locker rooms and break facilities, promoting hygiene in the workspace.