Nokian Tyres Manufacturing Facility

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One of the most advanced tire production plants in the world.

Lauded as one of the most advanced tire production plants in the world and the company’s largest-ever individual investment, Chief Executive Officer Hille Korhonen said, “It’s a big milestone.” Adding, “It was built on time and on budget.”

The new plant services customers across the United States by increasing the company’s capacity to produce approximately four million tires per year when the factory reaches full production in 2020. With the capability to produce North American-specific products and reduce delivery times, Nokian has set a goal to double sales by 2023, so “It’s important to have a factory here,” said Korhonen

The site will also house a distribution facility with a storage capacity of approximately 600,000 tires with room for growth and expansion.

The plant will employ 400 workers when fully operational. Plant Operations Director, Peter Chia said, “this facility will change the landscape of the local community.”

LJC, along with in-house partners Clayco and Concrete Strategies aligned early with Nokian Tyres, allowing the international brand to minimize risk and maximize return on their U.S. investment.


Nokian Tyres


Rhea County, TN


665,000 SF


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