Mercy South Cancer Center

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A new freestanding two-story cancer center adjacent to the hospital’s main campus at Mercy South.

The new David M. Sindelar Cancer Center includes Radiation Oncology Therapy with two linear accelerator vaults (one Radixact and one Elekta), CT simulation, and a Radiation Oncology clinic with seven exam rooms. The Diagnostic Imaging space includes CT, PET/CT, MRI, Bone Density, and XRay.

The Breast Cancer Center consists of four Mammography rooms, two Ultrasound rooms, and one Stereotactic Biopsy space. Adjacent to the Breast Center is the Breast Surgical Specialists with seven exam rooms and two consultation spaces.

Both groups share a Healthy Café, with access to a patio for outside dining, a boutique, a Prayer Room, Education and meeting rooms, and Dietician and Social Worker office space on the first floor.

The second floor has an Infusion, Pharmacy, Lab, a Medical Oncology clinic with fifteen Exam rooms, Surgical Specialists space with seven Exam rooms, Integrative Medicine & Therapies space with seven Treatment rooms, and a Gym, and Administration/Cancer Center Support space. A grand public Gallery space with waiting areas and Patient Access points connect circulation at each level.

The building accommodates future expansion in the form of a two-story, two pod clinic expansion to the east, and a third linear accelerator vault added to the south.

The project also includes the relocation of the Helipad and extensive development of the site for parking, perimeter road access, and garden space.




St. Louis, MO


78,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design