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The Link in the Loop is a new mixed-use development prominently located in the heart of Delmar Loop at Delmar & Skinker. Replacing a former gas station, the office, and retail property is breathing more life into the already buzzing Delmar Loop entertainment and dining district.

Delmar Loop, for St. Louisans, is a social connection and a living monument. For visitors, it’s an authentic, lively, and often quirky destination for shopping, performing arts and nightlife. For students and faculty at nearby Washington University, it’s an important connector, a nexus of two growing campuses. To LJC, the Delmar Loop is an opportunity to celebrate and enhance the area’s unique character. The Loop starts at the intersection of Delmar and Skinker, a critical entry point into the district. As Washington University expands and evolves, this intersection assumes a central role due to its proximity to both the Danforth and the North campuses and its central location along the growing Loop.

The site that was once occupied by a Shell gas station is now a 3-story mixed-use corporate office building along the pedestrian-friendly corridor. The building’s exterior cornice is equipped with an LED strip, creating a customizable, color-changing marquee, creating a beacon on the corner of the busiest intersections in the growing Loop.

Low-rise masonry buildings are predominant in the Delmar Loop and are what make the district special. This historical character is revealed in the tri-tone brick exterior with dark red brick and luminescent ceramic accents, paying homage to the neighborhood. Concurrently, the dark brick accents and modern details create a striking design. The design, contemporary in nature, embraces and respects the historical context and iconic identity.

A CVS anchors the ground-level of the building, with an additional 14,000 SF of retail still available. Together with generous office spaces, on-site parking, floor-to-ceiling windows, convenient retail, and a private terrace means one thing: The Link is a coveted address.


Pace Properties


St. Louis, MO


75,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design