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The Centennial Arts Center is an iconic commitment to the arts that merges the existing historic architectural form while utilizing a different construction method of thin brick concrete tilt panels to express the overall style of the building.

Community School was founded in 1914 and focused on nurturing each child holistically while recognizing individuality. The school was built in a residential neighborhood and has arrived at a major milestone in its history by its dedication to this method of development in children.

The celebration of the centennial through a built environment to the arts demonstrates the excitement Community School embodies about this paradigm. This expansion of Drama, Band, Art, Music and Performance reaffirms this commitment to the arts and provides a state of the art facility to share this commitment with friends, family and the surrounding community.

The performance space demonstrates a concept of flexibility that allows for a Proscenium stage presence as well as In-The-Round performances. This 5,200 SF space also alleviates logistical pressures caused by the dynamics of multiple functions occurring in different parts of the school. These functions can now occur in one location and allow for learning to occur in the space that houses the final product of this dedication to mind, body and spirit.


Community School


St. Louis, MO


18,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design


2015 Tilt-Up Achievement Awards, Excellence Education Division