University of Tennessee – Student Living

The University of Tennessee went to market seeking proposals from qualified developers and architects to design multiple transformative student housing facilities on its University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus.

Below are CRG/LJC’s proposal response concepts for three residential communities designed to encourage socialization, help students experience a sense of belonging and contribute to the University’s efforts to retain students. Each aligns with the school’s Mission, Values and Vision in its unique manner.

The first site is a 600-foot-long complex with distinctly separate masses, lounges, vertical transportation and access corridors. The exterior masses are differentiated in color and material to scale down the interconnected complex. To break up the visual mass of the building, the design clusters windows together and offsets the façade horizontally across the long elevations.

The second site, called Andy Holt, is rendered as a more traditional and contextual response. The 198-unit, four-story complex compliments existing buildings but begins to suggest variations on fenestration and other details.

The third stadium site prominently borders the schools, Robert M. Lindsey Field. With views across the Tennessee River and the River Bluff Wildlife Area beyond, the design team proposed a taller 20-story residence hall for up to 748 students, with an adjacent three-level parking and an accessible baseball game viewing promenade.

Together the team designed and proposed approximately 1,250 semi-suite beds to accommodate first- and second-year students for the school’s projected enrollment growth.




Knoxville, TN


3 Separate Sites


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