St. Petersburg Medical Center

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New medical center campus plan, focusing on ecological preservation and biophilic design to provide more connectivity to nature and promote healing for patients, visitors, and staff.

Located in a dense pine forest within the ‘Forest Green Belt’ surrounding the second largest city in Russia, The St. Petersburg Medical Center’s master plan draws inspiration from its surrounding natural context. LJC’s master plan maximizes the ecologic preservation of the forested site while balancing metropolitan values.

The medical center program, integrates a central hospital, two specialty hospitals, a hotel, a training center, a religious facility, and an administrative office building arranged around a central campus green. Drop-offs for each building provide separate points of entry and identity for each building. In contrast, a 1,500 foot long arced public concourse links all campus buildings, providing the desired weather-protected campus connections and an enhanced sense of community. Iconic building forms merge with a series of organically shaped canopies defining both internal and external garden space. The project reflects a biophilia design providing a unique patient care experience that allows expansive views and connections to nature and maximizes opportunities for natural daylighting.

Inspired by St. Petersburg’s historic parks and open spaces, the master plan follows a strong central axis. However, to honor the genius loci of the site’s surrounding dense woodland, the solar exposure-centric design breaks the symmetry of the landscape into areas with varied programs. One courtyard is used as a cutting garden for patients and families to utilize while they are at the hospital. Another is a productive landscape and performance space. The site plan reflects local bold artistic patterns and materiality guided by circulation and access to sunshine.

The master plan also introduces a new bus stop and pedestrian-vehicular separated circulation. Without sacrificing the functional needs of the site’s programs, the plan adds 1,000 underground parking spots, and a pedestrian-friendly environment enhanced by nature.

To protect and preserve the site’s existing natural environment, this plans to keep 1/3 existing birch trees and ensures 2/3 of the total area is pervious. St. Petersburg Medical Center’s master plan integrates sustainable biophilic strategies to blur the boundary between interior and exterior, nature and landscape, human function, and natural processes.


Acibadem Project Management


St. Petersburg, Russia


78 AC
2,000,000 SF New Construction


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Planning + Urban Design


ASLA, Central States Chapter Merit Award, Un-built