Acibadem | Kent Hospital

Acibadem Healthcare Group is a leading provider of healthcare services in Türkiye. LJC has partnered with Acibadem for over a decade as a design solutions provider, delivering projects in Türkiye, Malaysia, and Russia. In 2023, Acibadem acquired Kent Health Group, the leading private healthcare service provider in Izmir, Türkiye. Acibadem has entrusted LJC with creating a master plan and design solution for the renovation and expansion of Acibadem-Kent Hospital. This project aims to give the campus a new physical identity, including a renovated facade for the existing 800,000 SF hospital and a concept design for a two-phased 400,000 SF expansion.

Our campus master plan creates multiple points of campus access, a vehicular loop circulation at the perimeter, and identifiable points of building drop-off with convenient access to parking. The location of the building and entries provide an understandable hierarchy and organization of inpatient, outpatient, and specialty care services.

Izmir and the surrounding region host world–renowned ruins, including major cities of antiquity like Ephesus and Pergamon. Built from regional travertine and marble, these long abandoned cities retain their iconic presence as sculptures within their natural landscapes. Inspired by this poetry of place, the architectural design of the Izmir project seeks to create a similar iconic presence. The campus architecture is articulated as a composition of solids and voids translated into stone and glass. Shimmering iridescent highlights of dichroic glass fins provide a dynamic, everchanging layer of color across glass curtain wall surfaces, while lush landscaping envelops the project with greenery, emphasizing a strong connection between nature and architecture.


Acibadem Healthcare Group


Izmir, Türkiye


1,200,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture