Sawtelle Japantown Corridor

The Sawtelle Japantown neighborhood in West Los Angeles is an extraordinary and culturally diverse area with a rich history dating back over a century. With its charming restaurants and trendy boutiques, Sawtelle Boulevard has become an increasingly popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The visionary team at LJC has taken the initiative to partner with the West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council to transform two city blocks along Sawtelle Boulevard between Olympic Boulevard and La Grange into a truly remarkable destination.

LJC has collaborated closely with the Neighborhood Council to reimagine a two-block corridor that addresses multiple community concerns. Their primary focus has been on creating an inviting outdoor environment that is both safe and engaging for pedestrians. This approach involves the development of additional outdoor dining spaces, the establishment of a community garden, and the creation of a unique identity for Jack Fujimoto Square at the intersection of Sawtelle and Mississippi.

In addition, the project aims to enhance the neighborhood’s infrastructure, such as the sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, and bike parking. The addition of terraced seating and comfortable site furnishings will help make the neighborhood more lively and dynamic, providing a better experience for all residents and visitors.

Moreover, LJC’s plan for the corridor includes a comprehensive approach to simplify vehicular and pedestrian circulation. Optimizing traffic flow and reducing congestion will make the neighborhood safer and more efficient for all.

Overall, the innovative two-block corridor renovation project proposed by LJC represents a critical step towards elevating the Sawtelle Japantown neighborhood into a world-class destination. By addressing business engagement, infrastructure, and circulation issues, LJC hopes to elevate the community’s quality of life while establishing the area as a cultural gem and essential destination for the entire City community.


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