Penn State West Campus Garage

PSU West Garage WEB2

Utilizing our integrated design/build delivery method, Clayco and LJC worked closely with Penn State’s Office of the Physical Plant, Transportation Services, and CATA teams to design and deliver this new campus parking deck at University Park. Located in the heart of the West Campus, this project is the key to the successful expansion needed for the College of Engineering and overall campus growth. The collective team helped identify and provide solutions for the project, including the extension of White Course Drive, a new roadway connection from West College Avenue, required signalization coordination, stormwater detention expansion, campus infrastructure tie-ins, and landscape improvements leading up to the garage.

The project’s scope also includes important programmatic elements, such as the Bike Den, a 9-bench bike repair shop on the south side of the building directly connected to the bike trails, storage for 100 bikes, and a CATA bus station waiting area on the north. With all these elements and the planning for a future solar grid, the project is Parksmart certified. The final parking structure accommodates 1,653 parking spots and has been designed in coordination with the future attachment of the West 2 building.

PSU West Garage WEB2
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Penn State University


University Park, PA


540,000 SF | 22 AC
1,653 Cars
Parksmart Bronze Certified


  • Architecture
  • Sustainability