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This 14-story custom precast skin and structure is a brilliant addition to both the SCAD campus and Atlanta skyline, with features including a 300 person event space overlooking the city.

LJC, along with Mackey Mitchell and SCAD Design Group, completed the high-rise residential tower in Mid Town Atlanta in Fall 2019. Nestled into a steep slope, the building takes advantage of the grade change to organize the internal program of the building as it relates directly to the site. Several garden terraces surround the building and step up the slope, providing a variety of outdoor spaces for students to gather and enjoy active and passive places of interaction.

The building plays a vital role in developing the overall campus by optimizing this previously underutilized site. Acting as a critical mid-campus link between Spring House and SCAD Fash, the building’s new entry plaza doubles as a drop-off and event plaza while creating a new active space on campus for markets, food trucks, and performances. 

The 593-bed residence hall offers various living options for SCAD’s growing student population with 45 suites, 44 pods, and 16 apartments. Creating various student gathering spaces was a goal for the client, resulting in lounges, computer labs, and study rooms located above, below, and between all of the residences.

Other common areas include Sketch, a 24/7 coffee bar and meeting space on the ground floor that openly connects to the laundry room, an additional living room, and a covered outdoor amenity terrace above. These site improvements optimize this challenging site while contributing to creating a rich and memorable college experience.


Savannah College of Art & Design


Atlanta, GA


14 Stories
183,000 SF
2 AC


  • Architecture


American Concrete Institute, Award of Excellence, Georgia Chapter, 2020