Pfizer R&D Facility

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A new design-built world-class state-of-the-art laboratory facility

Pfizer, one of the world’s premier innovative biopharmaceutical companies, hired the integrated CRG, LJC, and Clayco team to design, build, finance, and lease their new world-class state-of-the-art facility. The result reflects Pfizer’s highest standards for excellence, quality, safety, and value.

The Pilot Plant is a production facility for the first run of the innovative products the R&D Lab is developing. The most notable is the complex manufacturing and testing process to create Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine.

Pfizer is committed to environmental sustainability, innovative performance, and employee engagement. The site concept was to integrate the new design-built laboratory building within this unique site with its natural beauty, sunset views, and dramatic topography. The building program strategically provides operational efficiency and enhances collaboration. Unique collaborative spaces, both inside and outside, provide opportunities for innovation. It connects people with nature, enhancing employee experience and productivity. The building design is based on the Continuous Lab Concept, where the linear lab zone runs uninterrupted, parallel to a continuous office zone, separated by a generous corridor serving both lab and office. This approach allows maximum flexibility for the labs to change size over time. In addition, LJC developed a workplace strategy that optimizes centralized office supplies and storage, a dining facility on the first floor, and a centralized cafe on all other floors. Lastly, prefabrication saved the project over $1 million and cut the schedule by approximately three months.

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The critical science happening inside is protected by high performance glass that ensures 97% of UV light is blocked while maintaining clear visibility. Visual comfort is further enhanced through a unique ceramic frit pattern in the glass that references the protein manipulation that happens in the labs.

The collective hard work, creativity and problem solving efforts showed by the team resulted in quality design and a building, which we all believe, will lead to significant advances in human health.

Rick Moeckel, Executive Vice President & Shareholder

Landscape Architecture

Efficient Laboratories

The laboratory space is organized around a two-way planning module that delivers a combination of efficiency and flexibility. It allows equipment and casework changes to be made in short, middle, or long term. The general circulation is a dual-purpose corridor that acts as a technical pathway for carts and materials as well as people. The continuous laboratory configuration provides a universal lab environment that is easily modified. Boundaries between groups are changeable as one group grows and another shrinks.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Innovative Courtyard

The buildings dense program wraps around a courtyard that acts as the natural heart of the building. It is framed at the ground floor by diverse programs including the lobby, dinning, office, and most importantly collaboration space. The u-shaped office and lab bar wraps the courtyard at the two upper levels. Its active gathering spaces open to the landscape at its western edge. Native landscape also flows into the space. The courtyard embodies the open spirit of the scientific community and collaborative innovation.

Heart of the Building

Planning and Landscaping

The unique natural setting on the west side of the site provides opportunities to bring Pfizer’s talent outdoors in collaborative spaces for working groups or as individuals for contemplation. The facility is integrated into the landscape yet situated at the highest point of the site to provide bluff like views across the adjacent woodland treetops. The campus master plan establishes the main entrance off Chesterfield Parkway with a formal entry leading up to distinct drop off plaza.

Natural Setting




Chesterfield, MO


295,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture


2020 – St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers – Best Practices & Diversity Award for Partnering and Planning Modularization

2020 – Building St. Louis – Public/Private Project