Cortex One Multi-Tenant Laboratory

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Sustainable design in a new biotech research and development district.

Cortex is a multi-tenant laboratory building within a biotech research and development district in St. Louis, Missouri. The design of the building is informed by the public and entrepreneurial nature of the research mission, with a dynamic façade that not only holds the street edge, it tilts out towards the public space. Fenestration along the length of the façade brings natural light into each of the laboratory suites, as well as allowing views in from the sidewalk. A two-story lobby cuts through the building, allowing chance interactions between laboratory tenants.

This building obtained the first core and shell LEED certification in the nation and was the first in the growing CORTEX district in St. Louis. Sustainable building practices were key to the delivery of this deign-build project, which included using finishes and materials with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels to reduce air pollution.

LJC designed spaces for the following laboratory tenants:


Laboratories that facilitate exploration by local researchers and inventors to build successful, sustainable life science companies.

Pfizer Indications Discovery Unit

Drug repositioning laboratory that explores therapeutic applications of various Pfizer compounds.


Research and development of magnetic technology for cardiac interventional medicine. Stereotaxis design, manufactures and markets advanced cardiology systems for the use in cardiac catheterization labs.

The facility’s design and construction addressed the needs of biotech companies by incorporating a number of core and shell features. The building’s floor slabs were designed to allow future installation of vibration-sensitive equipment. The building’s north façade features contemporary cantilevered glass. The south façade consists of site-cast concrete wall panels set at varying angles. A dramatic three-story atrium lobby is warmly finished in stone, wood and fabric.




St. Louis, MO


165,000 SF


  • Architecture


LEED CS V1.0 Certified

St. Louis Construction News & Review – 2006 Regional Excellence Awards

Riverfront Times – 2006 Best New Building