Ozarks Technical Community College Republic Campus

The Center showcases a functional adaptation of its predecessor, incorporating input from faculty, staff, and students to enhance operational efficiencies and provide an exceptional learning experience.

The Center surpasses its predecessor in size and functionality, offering a spacious environment with ample classroom and student-centric spaces. The design team worked closely with the stakeholders to ensure the seamless integration of all components. It features an additional state-of-the-art science lab, providing students with enhanced hands-on learning and exploration opportunities. The design of the administration area aligns with best practices in educational administration to improve efficiency and collaboration among staff members.

In anticipation of the educational institution’s future growth and evolving needs, the design team has planned for a 10,000 SF expansion. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the Center can accommodate future enrollment increases without compromising functionality or aesthetic cohesiveness.

To showcase the institution’s identity and foster a sense of pride among the students and faculty, the interior finishes of the Center incorporate branding ideas that bring the main lobby space to life with the institution’s colors. These updated finishes create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, reflecting the Center’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

The Republic Campus Educational Center is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the LJC team, faculty, staff, and students. The Center sets a new standard for educational architecture through meticulous planning, enhanced functionalities, and incorporation of branding elements, creating an inspiring environment that nurtures the next generation of learners.


Ozarks Technical Community College


Republic, MO


29,400 SF


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture