Millennium Park Plaza

Developers Pristine LLC wanted to add to their current multi-use development and construct a new addition to occupy the southern end site, which has been vacant since 2008. The site is located on a prominent corner of Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s downtown, which the developers saw as a prime location to reactivate with retail spaces and a restaurant. LJC is designing this project which also includes renovating the adjacent existing building’s multi-level lobby that will connect to the new addition.

The architectural language of the addition takes its cues from the owner’s previous renovation of the existing building’s base. The new ground-level retail spaces will be accessible from Michigan Avenue, while the upper-level restaurant spaces have been designed to create access from both Michigan Avenue and Beaubien Street, seamlessly maintaining the residential and office access through and alongside the existing multi-level lobby. The project is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2023.


Pristine, LLC


Chicago, IL


12,000 SF New Construction
4,700 SF Lobby Renovation


  • Architecture