Mercy Pediatric Emergency Department

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A first of its kind in southwest Missouri, a new emergency care facility that improves patient experiences while delivering high-quality health care.

Utilizing a small footprint, LJC designed a new pediatric emergency room.   The new emergency department expansion features 11-bay pediatric exam rooms, including two specifically designed for children with mental health needs.  The design allows for patient and staff fluctuations if required.  Additional features include a new main entry, canopy, reception/registration, and separate adult and pediatric waiting areas for a more comfortable patient experience. 

Designed to Mercy brand standards, the iconic new entry creates a more welcoming patient experience with a high degree of transparency in a contemporary glass curtainwall compared to the dark glazing of the existing connected facility.  As a result, the new design creates a signature identity for Mercy’s pediatric emergency department program.

The graphics used throughout the space, decals, graphic ceiling tiles, mobiles, etc., are used to lighten the space for pediatric patients and are a part of Mercy’s standard brand.  The pediatrics conference and waiting rooms feature frosted Mercy branded decals to create transparency and define the separated spaces. 

LJC used a complex phasing sequence to implement designs to ensure services were uninterrupted during construction.