Group14 Technologies Manufacturing Plant

LJC + Clayco is procuring, designing, and constructing a new commercial-scale modular Battery Active Materials plant in Moses Lake, WA, for producing a next-generation Lithium-Ion battery silicon material. The material is to meet the demands of the growing electric vehicle market with a product that improves the energy density and reduces the cost of lithium-ion batteries. The Project will feature the same 3-step process that synthesizes, mills and compounds in a reactor currently operating at the Client’s facility in Woodinville, WA. 
The overall Project includes the following elements: construction of internal roads, egress and ingress from an adjacent road, process module buildings, air emission control systems, warehouse, operations building, maintenance building, central utility building, solid waste storage building, parking, stormwater facility, wastewater conveyance, various utilities, and associated facilities to support operations.
Phase One will include two manufacturing process Module buildings, a Central Utility Building, a Waste Storage building, overall site improvements and infrastructure supporting phase one and future Modules.


Group14 Technologies


Moses Lake, WA


335,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Technical Assurance Group