Dollar General

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Cold Storage & Distribution Facility

LJC and Clayco designed and built this magnificent 1.1 million-square-foot cold storage and distribution facility. It’s constructed with precast and steel and features shrink-compensating floors that ensure stability. It has on-site amenities such as truck maintenance, dispatch facilities, and a guardhouse. Lastly, this project is an 86-acre development to propel Blair’s economy.

This mammoth 189-dock facility boasts precast concrete insulated metal wall panels, metal joists, and decks with a clear height of 40’-0”. It’s an excellent facility for fresh food products that require cold storage. The 123,000 SF cold storage area consists of a -20°F and -10°F freezer, 55°F cooler, and 35°F cooler, with a dock to allow smooth loading and offloading.

In addition to the warehouse, we designed a 15,000 SF administration and wellness building and several outbuildings. The attached administration and wellness building ensures operations run smoothly and is an ideal workplace for employee wellness activities. The outbuildings are for fleet maintenance, diesel fueling, dispatching building, fire protection pump house, and a gatehouse for inbound and outbound traffic. I am honored to have been part of this project, which promises to be a game-changer in the food distribution industry.


Dollar General


Blair, NE


1,100,000 SF


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