Confidential Distillery

LJC is partnering with Clayco and Concrete Strategies to design a new carbon-free distillery with 15 warehouses and a Brand Home. The company is collaborating closely with LJC’s design team to enhance its production process while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.

The distillery’s design features large window curtain walls, offering a captivating view of the bourbon production process. Additionally, the site incorporates a fire tank equipped with a diesel pump, ensuring an adequate water supply in the event of a fire or electrical failure.

The confidential client has set a goal to achieve LEED certification for this distillery. Additionally, the entire facility will operate using only electric power without relying on fossil fuels. This commitment to a fossil fuel-free process for bourbon production sets this company apart from industry norms.


Confidential Client


Marion County, KY


150,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Sustainability