Confidential Brand Home

LJC is creating an iconic, signature Brand Home for a confidential beverage client. In collaboration with Clayco and BRC Imagination Arts, the LJC team is developing a new unique guest-tasting experience to welcome bourbon enthusiasts on the historic Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

The overall design is an homage to the brand’s tradition of innovation and experimentation. Settled atop a prairie hilltop, the roofline flows with the undulations of its rolling Kentucky landscape in imitation of the distinct shape of the brand’s bottles and celebration of one of the company’s triumphs: batches of bourbon hyper-aged by the ocean’s churning. Fins along the curtain wall repeat this curving motif while protecting inhabitants from the glare of the setting sun. 

Within, the expanse of glass frames views of the native landscape and the new, state-of-the-art distillery down the hillside. With this backdrop, visitors experience playful tasting rooms and a refined bar and lounge where they will learn, live, and taste the extraordinary expressions of the brand’s bourbon products.


Confidential Client


Lebanon, KY


6,500 SF


  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sustainability
  • Technical Assurance Group