Clayco’s Employee Café

Clayco wanted to create a new designated café space for employees to gather, dine, and celebrate in their Overland office. Tasked with designing this new employee-focused space, LJC’s interior design team created a place for eating and connecting with one another with a distinct hospitality feel.

To make room for the new café, the design team had to relocate the firm’s existing interiors library while adding a new kitchen addition to the existing building. To achieve the connections between the employee gathering space and the kitchen area,  holes had to be punched into a tilt-up wall, a challenge that required extensive study and engineering. The design team meticulously aligned these openings with desired views of the outside and aligned with needs for people flow dictated by the building’s structural capacity. Through close collaboration with the contractor, the final café seamlessly incorporates the existing space with the new addition.

The LJC interior design team worked closely with the office’s internal office and culture teams during the entire process. This close collaboration, coupled with strategic materiality choices and detailed final execution, ensured the space provides amenities to bring people together in their workplace. Finished with custom wall graphics and colors, the Clayco story shines through the new employee gathering space. 

Since completion, the space has exceeded all expectations for fostering employee engagement and enhancing workplace culture. The café has become a hub for social interaction where groups gather during the workday to connect with one another and share meals, and as a bonus, it has proven to be a beneficial hospitality space to host guests, clients, and partners.


Clayco, Inc.


Overland, MO


  • Interior Design