Chapter Ann Arbor

Chapter Ann Arbor is a 19-story student housing and retail development located at 1209 S. University Ave, in the South University District, just a five-minute walk from the The Diag at the heart of University of Michigan’s campus. The project combines a historic-inspired retail base with a contemporary loft-style residential tower, seamlessly blending traditional and modern elements.

The ground level features detailed masonry that evokes a timeless aesthetic, accented with metal details, retail canopies, and proportionate window patterns that contribute to the vibrant street atmosphere. Rising from this base is a masonry residential tower with a lighter palette, culminating in a dark metal and glass top floor that adds an airy crown to the building.

The development includes 149 rental apartments, ranging from two-bedroom to six-bedroom units, spanning floors 2 to 18. The first floor houses two retail spaces, divided by an internal portal that provides access to the building’s lobby, leasing offices, and bike rooms, as well as accommodating building services and loading zones. The 19th floor features amenity spaces and an exterior deck.

Chapter Ann Arbor is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring future solar arrays on the roof and readiness for full building electrification. The richly detailed street edge and pedestrian-friendly architectural details, including metal awnings, encourage street activity and connect the tower to the pedestrian scale. The building’s brick masonry facades present a durable, long-lasting material, while operable windows in the living rooms provide residents with comfort and control.

Overall, Chapter Ann Arbor represents the harmonious fusion of historic charm and modern living, creating a vibrant and sustainable community hub in the South University District.




Ann Arbor, MI


241,300 SF
149 Units
599 Beds


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture