Calamos Investments

Creating a workplace aesthetic that is classic, timeless, modern, and refined.

LJC collaborated with Calamos Investments to create an iconic workplace for their new downtown Chicago location, occupying three floors at Fulton East, a 12-story, 90,000 SF office and retail building designed by LJC built by Clayco. Calamos had selected this address because it was the nation’s first office building designed to deliver health-focused operating solutions for a post-COVID-19 business environment and attract employees who wanted to work in the hot Fulton Market area.

The goal of the interior architectural expression was to create an aesthetic that was a dialogue between classic, timeless materiality and modern, refined architectural form. The 12th-floor penthouse featured a hospitality space, broadcast studio, executive meeting space, and two additional floors for wealth management and trading groups.

The new location was an addition to the firm’s headquarters campus in Naperville. It deepened the firm’s ties to the city, broadened access to potential business partners and clients, and diversified its Chicago-based footprint.


Calamos Investments


Chicago, IL


21,000 SF


  • Interior Design