Brickline Greenway Framework Plan


The Brickline Greenway Framework Plan is a 20-mile series of urban greenways, knitting together a range of St. Louis’s multicultural resources, destinations, and neighborhoods in new and exciting ways.

The Greenway also aspires to become a part of the everyday experience of St. Louisans, helping them reach their schools, their work, and the many institutions throughout the city daily–and connecting us to each other. Importantly, this roadmap for the Greenway as a connective and transformational project integrates equitable strategies, economic investment, and recommendations for implementation and future governance.

The heart of the plan is an idea of the Greenway as a Green Cultural Network of and for St. Louis, one that connects East and West, North and South, and creates a new destination city full of rich and diverse experiences.

The Greenway connects and supports a city-wide network of bicycle routes that will eventually connect 20 city neighborhoods and link over 100 existing and new experiences, bringing new life to places that make up the full and diverse richness of the city.

Each of the four parks will be connected by a greenway segment that responds to its particular neighborhood context. The diversity of neighborhoods and assets includes a wide variety of communities, people, and social, cultural, and economic opportunities that stretch the Greenway beyond the center city. With this extensive greenway network, the potential for equitable and accessible development extends to all corners of the city.

The Greenway connects major destinations and institutions, from museums to schools, to workplaces. It also touches neighborhood amenities such as community centers and places of worship, as well as key public transit connections. Key opportunity sites are identified for potential new developments or open space. These areas have the potential for targeted econom­­ic growth to occur and benefit from the connectivity of the Greenway.­­­


Great Rivers Greenway


St. Louis, Missouri


20 Miles


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2024 – ASLA Central States – Honor Award, Unbuilt

2024 ASLA St. Louis Awards – Honor Award in Analysis, Planning, Research and Communications

2023 AIA St. Louis Chapter, Honor Award for Unbuilt and Master Plan

2020 Progressive Architecture Award