9028 Lindblade

LJC embarked on creating a cutting-edge office space that would serve as a vital security monitoring hub for The Culver Studios staff. We focused on incorporating distinctive design features and innovative processes that would set this project apart. The entire team utilized the adaptive reuse of an exposed wood bowstring truss building as the foundation for this awe-inspiring transformation. Additionally, we designed a mezzanine level with a strategically placed window overlooking the space, adding depth and grandeur to the overall design.
Throughout the project, we were faced with strict budgetary requirements. Despite the challenges posed by escalating costs due to inflation during construction, we remained determined to maintain cost-effectiveness. To achieve this, we meticulously evaluated each process and detail, devising ingenious strategies to maximize cost-effectiveness. A prime example is the design and construction of the mezzanine stair, which was meticulously crafted using all wood and complemented by wall-mounted railings.
In addition to the exciting features and solutions within this project, it is important to note its special significance for LJC. This project marks our first built project in the Los Angeles area, representing a significant milestone in our firm’s growth on the West Coast.


Hackman Capital Partners


Culver City, CA


4,700 SF


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design