Tower Grove Park – Lily Pond & Facilities Restoration

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One of seven National Historic Landmark parks in the country. Opened to the public in 1872, the Park is at the center of some of the region’s most socioeconomically diverse and densely populated neighborhoods. 

Tower Grove Park’s (TGP) mission is to be an exemplary, well-preserved, and well-presented, wooded Victorian park of international significance that provides meaningful recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities for the public in a way that is compatible with its unique historic character.

In the Fall of 2017, the TGP Board of Commissioners adopted a Master Plan which serves as a guiding vision for TGP and a flexible framework meant to evolve as the Park strives to remain relevant to its users for the next quarter-century. The Master Plan determined an opportunity to revitalize what is known as the Lily Ponds Area and Facilities Core, the heart of historic activity since the Park’s founding that holds many of the Park’s treasured buildings. Because of the complex nature of this project, LJC & Trivers were selected to create the new vision for this historic and treasured Park.

The scope includes the rehabilitation of the Director’s Residence and administration building and historic structures, restoration of the greenhouse, development of outdoor dining/event space, improved circulation and paths, and a new operations building, among other projects. These projects require new utilities throughout. Exterior programming, sustainability, pedestrian connectivity & safety, vehicular access & parking, existing trees, newly planted form, and the creation of views/vistas are equally important to the design solution. It is imperative that these new projects do not compete with the existing historic facilities and that rehabilitation is executed with respect to the Park’s status as a National Historic Landmark.  

The final deliverable is a Schematic Design Package / Estimate of Probable Cost to assist the Park in determining where to make initial & future investments.