Reinsurance Group Of America Headquarters

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A 17-acre global headquarters campus with a designed site that minimizes the development impact while restoring the natural landscape from its agrarian use.

The global headquarters for Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), is an interactive and connective workplace that accommodates RGA’s needs for flexibility and growth. Set on a natural 17-acre site, the linked two-building campus provides office and amenity programs to enable appropriate solutions for RGA’s different working styles and needs for future development.

The buildings are integrated into the landscape in a sensitive manner that minimizes the impact of the development on the local ecosystems. The outdoor spaces aim to maintain a neighborly connectivity to the community as well as a variety of places for employees to connect, interact, dine and work in comfortable and convenient locations. The private ‘backyard’ consisting of a restored woodland and prairie landscape engages the site with framed views. The arrangement of the buildings on the site provides a main entrance off of Swingley Ridge Road consisting of a formal landscaped arrival plaza that provides clear and easily understood access and circulation for visitors, staff, service, and emergency vehicles.


Reinsurance Group of America, Inc.


Chesterfield, Missouri


17 Acres


  • Landscape Architecture


LEED CSv2009 Gold