K9 & Equine Memorial Plaza

For generations, police officers in Chicago have used dogs and horses as partners to assist them in solving crimes and keeping communities safe. The K9 and Equine Memorial Plaza is a tribute to the importance of these animals in protecting and serving the City of Chicago.

Considering the site’s context, the team developed a design incorporating the themes and language of the surrounding memorials along the walk. Through the creative use and blending of materials, the memorial matches the site’s atmosphere while also staying within the budget. Working closely with a Chicago-based sculptor, our team ensured that the plaza design complemented and structurally supported the 3 bronze sculptures which will be installed in the last phases of construction.

The arched wall is set against a backdrop of birch trees; the juxtaposition of the dark metal against a white background creates visual interest all year round. The ambiance changes at dusk when the perforated wall is backlit, casting interesting shadows and animating the site during nighttime.

The team provided initial concept development for the site and will take the design through construction. In addition to all the hardscape and plantings, this also includes the detailing and design of the arched wall and the perforated pattern.

The initial stages of construction documentation require a lot of collaboration among the disciplines involved. The landscape architecture team coordinated the discussions and joint efforts of the contractor, structural engineer and the sculpture artist.


Chicago Police Memorial Foundation


Chicago, IL


0.25 Acres


  • Landscape Architecture