Greyhound Master Plan

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Island-living in the heart of the city

This site at the southern end of Chicago’s Goose Island is inherently unique — simultaneously apart from and a part of the city. The Greyhound development promotes inclusivity and community as it complements the surrounding urban fabric. LJC’s vision for the site establishes a plan for creating an authentic place that embraces urban diversity and responds to the needs and expectations of its diverse users. The project recognizes this is the moment to make a signature statement with this unique property – a place that’s both iconic, true to its location, and intentionally integrated with the city.

This mixed-use development will include more than 2,000 new residential units, a grocery store, 20,000 SF of retail, 60,000 SF of office, and a hotel. The center of the site will provide three acres of open public space connecting Halsted Street with a new riverwalk experience along the eastern and southern edge of the site. Integrating townhomes at the podium level helps contextualize the project with the Halsted corridor and adjacent neighborhood.


Confidential Client


Chicago, IL


8 Acres


  • Architecture
  • Planning + Urban Design