A.M. 1980

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Located near the vibrant neighborhoods of Wicker Park and Bucktown, this incredible 132-unit building takes full advantage of Chicago’s new transit-oriented development (TOD) ordinance, granting its residents easy access to public transportation. We’ve strategically positioned the building to embrace the area’s rich history, preserving and reconstructing a significant portion of the historic building’s exterior along the north elevation using advanced digital mapping, inventory, and design tools.

The location presents an array of conveniences, with shopping, restaurants, and nightlife just a stone’s throw away. What’s more, the presence of the 606, Chicago’s exciting new biking and walking trail, adds another enticing amenity for residents as it stretches block after block, offering uninterrupted trails to explore.

The bustling area ensures that the A.M. 1980 mural has become an iconic image widely seen by many. This vibrant piece of art captures the essence of the neighborhood, acting as both a symbol for the building and a unique identifier. Created by muralist Mauricio Ramirez, the mural aims to engage the community and establish a connection by showcasing a local cultural icon, the Logan Square Eagle. Its presence sets this building apart and sparks a dialogue with the neighborhood.

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This high level of traffic means that the A.M. 1980 mural is now a widely seen image. This vibrant piece of art not only reflects the character of the neighborhood but also acts as an identifier for the building itself and sets it apart. The muralist, Mauricio Ramirez, goal was to create a dialogue with the community by connecting them with a local cultural icon of the Logan Square Eagle.




Chicago, IL


120,000 SF
132 Units


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture