X Oakland

Premier residential co-living space offers its members an unparalleled social and cultural lifestyle experience.

X Oakland is a “Co-Living” residential project by The X Company, the leading developer of Co-Living facilities in the US. Located on Telegraph Ave in downtown Oakland, CA, near Lake Merritt, a popular area for outdoor vendors in the summer months, the project is 15 floors with an amenity floor pool and provides professional-quality workspaces to support those who work from home. X- Oakland offers lease-by-room or one-bedroom units targeting young professionals.  

Studio KDA is the Design Architect, while LJC holds the title of Executive Architect.  LJC aims to create a more efficient structural system, improve the floor plans to align with X Company’s current standards, and add a basement to meet California’s structural requirements for earthquakes. By adding a basement, LJC can extend the core and structure, which reduces the number of concrete columns and core walls in the interior, allowing for a more open floor plan. LJC only had ten weeks to recreate the REVIT model from scratch and issue a permit. However, they were able to meet these challenges by having a great relationship with X Co. and knowing their standards due to working together on previous X projects. 

X Oakland is expected to open winter of 2024 and provides its residents with easy access to public transportation, food and beverage on the ground floor, and a new place to call home.


X Company


Oakland, CA


170,000 GSF
114 Units


  • Architecture