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Creating an eye-catching and memorable entry sequence in St. Louis’ oldest downtown Lammert building.

T-REX is a non-profit innovation and entrepreneur development company. Their first home was in the Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) at the Old Railway Exchange. TEC + Railway Ex = T-REX, resulting in and embracing the Tyrannosaurus Rex as a part of their brand.

T-REX has since moved, and their new home is in the Lammert Building, one of the oldest buildings in Downtown St. Louis. They wanted to refresh multiple items in the building’s lobby, including the west entry, by replacing a revolving door with a new vestibule. LJC improved the lobby’s aesthetic with fresh paint throughout, new carpet on the 2nd level, new LED lighting, and added T-REX branded lighting on the exterior and throughout the 2-story lobby space. The most significant improvement came from improved wayfinding, as the elevators are not immediately visible from either of the three entry points. LJC, in collaboration with Third Degree Glass, designed and installed a life-size T-Rex tail sculpture that weaves throughout the lobby to continue to guide visitors, highlight the T-Rex brand, and continue attracting and recruiting talent and tenants.

The T-Rex tail sculpture is 1,400 individual glass elements in various shades of green, suspended from the ceiling, mimicking museum-like quality displays. Because of its scale, users feel like the dinosaur is walking through the lobby while subconsciously directing them toward the elevators.

This entire lobby project was implemented in three phases to ensure they stay operational seven days a week and took multiple years to complete due to the limited supply and demand of materials due to the pandemic.

This project is a continuation of LJC’s relationship with T-Rex following the renovation of their inaugural 5th-floor workplace.

Named for its original location at the Railway Exchange building, T-REX is a rapidly-growing business incubator and accelerator in the St. Louis region.

T-REX supports 80 emerging businesses, each of which is working on technology solutions for the new economy, in a highly collaborative, informal 18,000 SF space located in the historic Lammert Building in downtown St. Louis.

The 5th floor, a central space for the evolving incubator, serves as the convergence of people, place, and invention. Lamar Johnson Collaborative led the adaptive reuse of a sprawling floorplate, from conceptual design to construction administration, on a pro-bono basis. The design emphasizes the creative, informal atmosphere of startup businesses. To reduce cost without compromising function, the new space incorporates reclaimed materials and donated fixtures, united by a shared palette of exposed wooden beams, massive metal doors and glass partitions. Organized as a series of nodes, T-REX includes a central social hub, an oval conference room with seamless technology (staffers have already affectionately dubbed it “the egg”), an event space with a full catering kitchen, a shared coffee bar, a series of meeting and project rooms, flexible workstations and offices for staff.




St. Louis, MO


18,000 SF


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Workplace Strategy


2016 Interior Design Excellence Award in Renovation and Restoration, International Interior Design Association (IIDA)