Clayco St. Louis Office Renovation

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Once a construction warehouse, this repurposed office space reflects the real-time collaborative work occurring every day in Clayco’s St. Louis office.

Open sight lines and connectivity are the foundation of this space. A North-South corridor creates a central path for walking routes, collaboration, and social activity as well as creating a clear view of the windows on the South façade. A long, central wall is affectionately referred to as “the Spine” and is clad in magnetic glass, acting as the central nervous system for visualizing ideas and gathering teams. Open meeting areas offer a variety of gathering spots and support nearby offices and workstations. First floor and public mezzanine level rooms called “the Treehouse” and “T2” provide flexible project space for charrettes and materials layout. As home to a construction and design company, the office is a living lab to test materials and building techniques.


Clayco, Inc.


St. Louis, MO


77,000 SF


  • Interior Design
  • Workplace Strategy


2017 Distinguished Interior Award, AIA St. Louis Design Awards