The University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis, founded in 1864, is the third oldest and tenth largest college of pharmacy in America.

Since its’ founding in 1864, the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis (formerly named St. Louis College of Pharmacy) has been educating future pharmacy innovators and practitioners who are impacting health care locally, nationally, and globally. Today, the University is undergoing a major campus transformation and has engaged LJC to re-envision the public realm for its 8-acre campus. Strategically located in one of the world’s finest biomedical research centers, nestled between BJC/Washington University Medical Center, and CORTEX, the campus is ideally situated for some of the most meaningful and impactful collaboration.  The landscape of the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy promotes LJC’s mission of connecting people from various backgrounds to solve complex problems and advance knowledge and culture.  

The team identified the immediate needs of the college and its students through the master plan process and is now implementing the site design in conjunction with two new academic buildings. Centered around a refreshed Campus Quad, the overall landscape seeks to maximize green space, strengthen pedestrian connectivity, enhance perimeters and create environments that showcase the College as a premier place of learning, research, and service.  Surrounding the new structures, a generous tree-lined promenade and terraced commons landscape will incorporate flexible space for active and passive activities, while including lawn and native/adapted plantings. The design accounts for the creation of meaningful places on the campus for visitors, students, and professors while providing a pleasant walk for an additional 5,000 pedestrians who traverse the campus each day to and from the medical center.

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