The repositioning of a former hospital campus into a mixed-use facility that reflects a 21st-century approach to maximizing human and financial capital.

Delmar Divine is a social innovation, high impact real estate initiative that will set an example for community development, social improvement, and collaboration in St. Louis, and the nation.

The former St. Luke’s Hospital, the second oldest general hospital in St. Louis, closed its doors to the public in 2013. Between 1904 and its closing in 2013, ten significant additions, wings, and even three more floors were added to its flagship structure, resulting in a sprawling complex covering six+ acres.  Thanks to the visionaries—Maxine Clark, Founder and CEO of Build-A-Bear-Workshop and Clayco—this historic building is transforming into an epicenter for social innovation to serve the St. Louis community.

LJC’s pre-design consulting team (Advance Strategies) engaged early with the future tenants in planning and understanding their vision and critical amenities, to ensure a successful strategy for the individual agencies and the facility as a whole.

This adaptive reuse is adding affordable housing for young and diverse career professionals, retail, co-working space, and additional resources for a myriad of not-for-profits, foundations, and community support organizations whose missions are to improve the lives of children and families in the metropolitan St. Louis area. Preserved from the original hospital, and at ground level, is a central corridor running East to West serving as a vibrant amenity-rich concourse connecting six original buildings and creating a hub for social innovation and enterprise.

A fusion of old spaces and new purpose, we are taking inspiration from the health-focused design of the past and combining it with the materials and technology of the present to create inspiring and social spaces that magnify each tenant’s mission.

CRG is the developer and Clayco is the builder.